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Review by Jean Hilder

Love After Love, by Ingrid Persaud


A first novel, which won the Costa 1st novel prize in 2019, this book is set in Trinidad , and written in the Trinidadian dialect.  This sets the tone and atmosphere of the book perfectly, so that you can hear the speech cadences and it is as if you are being read to and experiencing the colour and vibrancy of Trinidadian life.

The title comes from the Derek Walcott poem , about loving yourself.  The story follows a mother, Betty, son Solo, and their gay friend Mr Chetan.  Told in turn by the three protagonists, the story moves between New York and Trinidad.  It is a rite of passage for all three.

It is a very good read, and especially, if you know the Caribbean at all, it transports you there.  


Ingrid Persaud

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