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Hail and farewell to 2021: our year-end entertainment

Introduced by Christopher North.

Book Circle members were delighted on 14th December to (re)discover the alluring streets of Old Benissa, where Samuel Taylor Coleridge was honoured in a lively literary reading of ‘The Rime of the Ancient Mariner’, organized by 

Christopher North


In the agreeably intimate La Seu auditorium of the University of Alicante, he and his team – fellow members AlisonTain, 

Gail Tucker, Huw Griffiths, Jane Sargeant, Jean Hilder and Peter Davies – voiced the dramatic narrative, a tale within a tale, in which a bearded sailor recounts his near-death experiences involving an albatross, spectral seamen and various sea monsters. The stirring recitals were illustrated by Gustave Doré’s handsome engravings of the poem, ably transformed for the screen by Rod Davis.

Much-needed tapas and libations followed for most of the audience at a local bar.

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