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In the Forum page, you can start a discussion or ask a question.

  • In both areas you can expand on your title and add text, files, photos and videos, to which you can add links to other sites amongst other options. After you have finished your entry, scroll to the bottom and hit the Publish button. You can delete the page after you have published it if you need to.

  • Links will open in a new window on most devices. If it is a private link (ie, a link to your personal material), there is an option for the link not to be followed by Google so it will not be publicly available.

  • Files you add are shown as named boxes. Anyone can click on a file, it will be opened and can be saved on the viewer’s computer, tablet etc.

  • Anyone can add to the discussion, or answer the question.

  • To follow privacy laws, you do need to have Signed Up and Logged In to use this area.