Well, for the time being we can't do this any more!

Modern communications, social internet sites and virtual group discussion forums are daunting for many of us, so we are trying to find ways that are, to use the ubiquitous phrase, user friendly. In addition, there are members who know how this stuff works and can advise and help where needed. 

If you would like to chat about how any of this works, please contact Nina who will point you in the right direction.

But there are lots of other activities we can still enjoy!


We are actively working on how we can bring our monthly presentations and other activities to all our members, albeit in different ways. 


You will see that the site has a new button at the top Presentations & More which is inter-active.


From this button, you will be able to:

  • see all the presentations as they are created, available for you to view or download and peruse in your own time 

  • download the regular and occasional Quizzes

  • see other activities that can entertain us and stretch our minds, some of which are in the planning stage.

If you go to the Programme 2020 page, you will see that we are planning activities for every month, including the summer. Watch this space!


All this is in a trial phase at the moment, but please feel free to experiment with the downloads, which include quizzes as well as some of the presentations we enjoyed earlier this year. We hope to have it fully live for the April meeting

There is also a trial version of a chatbox on the site. It is part of the process of bringing the Xabia Book Circle site fully interactive and will be expanded on as we progress.


Soon, we will publish on the site a page that gives information on how to engage with and use these facilities.