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Short stories


By Jeff Lee

Engaging With The Memory

By Rod Davis 


By Jeff Lee

Major Billy Deramos

By Jeff Lee


By Jenny Falloon

The Best Thing About North Dakota

By Jeff Lee

The Only Good Thing About a

Conscription Army By Jeff Lee

Shelton's Give-and-Go

By Jeff Lee

Oscar's Two Dollars an Hour

By Jeff Lee

Let Things Lie

By Chistopher North

Neighbours, U3A winner 

By Tony Lawton

What Friends Are For, U3A winner 

By Peter Davis

Master of the Task Force,  U3A winner 

By Jenny Falloon

The XBC short story competition 2021

1st prize. Me And Time, by Callan Preece

2nd prize. Joe in The Alba Koo Koo, by Jeff Lee

3rd prize. Small Acts of Rebellion, by Jennifer Falloon 

Highly commended 

The Bees' Grandmother, by Sheila Skinner

The Chrysalis Wore Lipstick, by Rod Davis

The Suitcase, by Moira John

Other members' shorts 

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