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This button will take you to the download page. You will have to enter your date of birth and your email address, and you can signup with your email address and a password, or with a Google or Facebook account.

This button will take you to the Zoom Help Center. There are a lot of other help videos on the internet.


What is Zoom?

Zoom is a virtual video conferencing service that you can use to meet with other XBC members on your computer or tablet either by video or audio-only or both.

Do I need it?

We are using Zoom so that XBC members can discuss our presentations and talk with each other. So yes, it is useful. 

Does it cost anything?

No. When you download the app, there is a free option and that is all you need. 

Do I need to buy anything?

No. Normally, your computer or tablet will use its built-in camera and microphone automatically, but you can use other equipment if you wish. It does work on smartphones, but is more limited.

What do I need to do?

All you need to do is to download the free Zoom option. When a meeting is scheduled, we will send an email, first to let you know when the meeting will take place and then, just before the meeting, we'll send an invitation for you to join it. The invitation will have a link  - just click on the link and to join the meeting.