Provisional list

January 12th


Books that got us through 2020

introduced by Huw Griffith

We've all had a bit of extra time to do some reading during during these lockdowns - here's an opportunity to tell us all of your favourite books.
E-mail your choices to

February 2nd


The winners of the XBC short story competition will be announced, and the winning story read out by its author. Discussions and questions, moderated by competition judge J David Simons, will follow.

March 2nd

The World Of ...

Presentation by Peter Davies

Peter will take us into the real and imaginary worlds created by authors in ways that make their readers know them and desire to return to them again and again. He will focus on Iris Murdoch and Graham Greene, with brief mentions for  P.D. James, Anthony Powell, and Anthony Trollope.  


Please feel free to contribute to the discussion with other authors whose worlds, invented or real, we escape to in our reading.

April 6th


My Life in 5 Books

Presented by Alma Dorndorf

Details to be announced

May 4th


Lesser-known books about Spain

Presented by Christopher North

Details to be announced

June 1st



Presented by Christopher North

Details to be announced.

In addition, the second Book Circle competition will be announced, this one for memoirs.

July 6th


Members to be invited to contribute their ideas

Details to be announced

August 3rd


The Rime of the Ancient Mariner

Group reading - further details to be announced