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Provisional list

11 January


Ancient Rome

Presentation by Sam Laird

Sam Laird will begin with some background on Roman history, but the main focus will be on the 1st Century BC and material written by and about Romans.

1 February 


and review of the past year

On the 1st of February – a month named by Julius Caesar for a festival of atonement, sacrifice and purification – the Book Circle will hold its Annual General Meeting, followed by a review of the past year (courtesy of Webmaster Rod Davis and Chair Huw Griffith) and members’ contributions of The Best Reads of 2021.

INPUT WELCOME! Come prepared with your nominations.

1 March 

The Fools’ Crowns  - a series

Javea author Hugh Robertson will explain how he came to embark upon researching and writing a series of books centred on the enduring story of Edward and Mrs Simpson.

Hugh describes his books as fiction firmly rooted in fact. In them  he ranges over contemporary issues involving not only the central couple but, politics, international relations, espionage and much more.

     Hugh will talk about his view of the relevance of issues in the 1930’s which resonate not only in the Royal Family of today but also current  international challenges.

Brief Bio

For many years Hugh was a commercial lawyer in the City of London.

His family have a connection with Denia and Javea going back to 1969.

5 April 


Crime And The News

A talk by Duncan Campbell

Duncan Campbell is a British freelance investigative journalist and author. In his presentation, he introduces the new edition (2021) of his book We’ll All Be Murdered in Our Beds, the History of Crime Reporting, which looks at new threats to reporting and how the coverage of crime and corruption in the media is being challenged as never before. He will also discus his new edition (2019) of Underworld: the definitive history of Britain’s organised crime.

10 May 

Ancient and Modern

(or ‘Twice-Told Tales’)

To be presented by Huw Griffith and Jean Hilder. A look at the updating of familiar subjects with special reference to Geoffrey Chaucer's Wife of Bath and Karen Brooks' The Good Wife of Bath. Members are invited to contribute further examples of this. 

7 June 

Summer Outing

A change to the plan, as the Elche visit proved to be too expensive. 

The outing will take us first to Alicante for the gladiators exhibition at the Archaeological Museum (MARQ) and then to a Lebanese lunch at the Mundial Restaurant in Orxeta, an inland town not far from Relleu.

The exhibition looks at the lives of these "heroes of the Coliseum", including their arduous training and physical prowess, the dangers they were forced to confront but also the promises of fabulous wealth awaiting the best of them. The show was prepared in conjunction with Italian experts and showcases some splendid artefacts of the era.

The museum entry fee is €3, or €1.50 for pensionistas. The lunch will cost €25, including three courses and a half bottle of house wine. The coach will cost about €10, for a total of about €37 to €40 per person.

5 July 


HOLD THE DATE: The Book Circle's annual summer supper will take place again at Le Gourmand on Tuesday 5 July. More details, including the menu, in the next newsletter.

16 August 


Local author to present new military thriller 

Normally the Book Circle doesn’t meet during the summer. However, part-time Javea resident Neville Sarony will be addressing us live at the Centro Social on Tuesday, 16 August to present his new book The Chakrata Incident at the usual time (6:30 for 7 pm). Please join us! And stay on for drinks and tapas afterwards.

13 September 


1922 and beyond

Members Alma Dorndorf and Tim Upton will explore the origins and features of the new literary and artistic movement, Modernism, that arose from the tumultuous era of the last century when war, pandemics and social upheavals turned the arts on their head.

4 October 

2022 Short Story Competition

The results of the Competition will be announced and the winning entries read out.

8 November 

Sherlock Holmes 

A presentation by Guy Marriott

Everything you wanted to know about Sherlock Holmes and his author, Sir Arthur Conan Doyle, by member Guy Marriott, past president of the Sherlock Holmes Society of London.


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