June 2020 presentation

A presentation by Sam Laird

An introduction to Dorothy Dunnett OBE

"A storyteller who could teach Scheherazade a thing or two about pace, suspense and imaginative invention",

New York Times    


Dorothy Dunnett has been described as "the finest writer I have ever come across or ever expect to, and one of the most vibrant, generous and open-hearted people I have ever known". To give you an impression of her creativity, she was also a professional portrait painter and sculptor and frequent exhibitor at the Royal Scottish Academy.

For June, Sam Laird has created a presentation of her work, concentrating on a series of 14 books; Niccoló Rising and The Lymond Chronicles. It is intended to be more as notes to introduce you to this extensive series of books, rather than an analysis of her work.

To accompany the notes there are four illustrated readings to give you a flavour of her wonderful writing, read by Huw Griffith, Jean Hilder, Alison Tain and Christopher North, members of the Xàbia Book Circle.

Illustrated reading videos

A slightly more padded-out version of  Sam's notes is also available to be read online, or for downloading and printing.

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