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December 2020: An entertainment

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Wordsworth, Keats, Clare and the Nightingale, a presentation celebrating the anniversaries of three poets from the Romantic Period, 1770-1820.

Instead of our traditional live 'Entertainment' which in normal times takes place over a lunch, Coronavirus sends us to recording the event which will be discussed in a Zoom meeting on 15th December. There will be a short introduction by Christopher North and the players; Huw will then invite you to comment or contribute if you wish.

Contributions and reading suggestion are welcome, and will be made available on the website. 

Please do join in - it isn't necessary to chat, but for those who do want to make a contribution this is the only avenue we have until the virus problem goes away. If you need a guiding hand with Zoom, please contact Rod Davis, who can explain how it all works. Email by clicking here or call on 625 953 916. 

In our meetings in 'normal' times, it was our practice to benefit from your comments and reading suggestions on the evening's presentation. We can still do this!  Click on this link to submit your contribution, written or recorded*  and it will be published on the website under 'Member contributions'. 

* The link takes you to an email form on which you can submit your comments. In addition to typewritten and photo submissions, you can include recorded files by copying and placing them onto the email. Tablets, computers and smart phones all have apps for recording, but note that sending an email with attachments can be difficult on a smart phone.

Member contributions

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