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April event 

The pen and the pandemic:

How to survive lockdown in half a dozen book

6 April at 7 pm, on Zoom

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Introduced by Alma Dorndorf 

There’s nothing like a heart-warming, escapist novel to keep your mind off the coronavirus crisis. Fiction cannot cure illness or predict the future, but it can certainly help us survive a lockdown. 

They say in this quarantine season that we only have three types of days: yesterday, today and tomorrow. The days of the week are gone. One of the ways I’ve been keeping sane is through reading. No, I am not reading pandemic or apocalyptic kind of books; I think that would be too anxiety-inducing at this time. The books I have read since March 2020 remind me of the complexity of human beings and our innate ability to survive the most difficult situations.

For this evening’s presentation my friends and I have chosen six books which have delighted, intrigued, amused and transported us and which we would now like to share with you. 


After the presentation we would really like to hear what you have been reading over the last extraordinary year. 

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