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Launching our fall season on Tuesday 7 September, member Christopher North will be presenting some of his favourite unusual books about Spain.

Here’s what he has to say to whet your appetite:

“There is the story of a beautiful young model from the US sent to Madrid as a spy looking into communications between Himmler and Franco, who, after an affair with a bullfighter, met a Conde of vast but unvisited estates in Extremadura, married him then set about restoring one managed by a man named ‘Primitivo’....

“There is the journal of William Wordsworth’s beloved daughter which describes her visit in 1849 to the Alhambra....

“There is the story of a photographer from East of London who became involved with the Flamenco gypsies of Cadiz and ‘The Bold Strummer’ Press published his book about his experiences in 1964....

“And the story of an antique village in Andalucia recounted in the voices of the inhabitants — the village’s name concealed in the book, but to be revealed in my talk.

“Unusual books — and there are many thousands of them, Spain is such a rich source of material.

I will list more recommendations — but bring along yours: not Giles Tremlett, Gerald Brenan, Chris Stewart or Jason Webster, but something that will surprise.”

Unusual books about Spain
Presented by Christopher North

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